2015 Goals Revisited

The sheer quantity of my goals for 2014 may have overwhelmed my interest in putting together a similar list for 2015. I did come up with a short and sweet list:

  1. Swim in Lake’s Pond during a visit to Camp Little Notch that’s just about pleasure
  2. Swim in Forked Lake
  3. Hike two high peaks
  4. Get my bike fixed so I can ride it again
  5. Finish a quilt. At least one.
  6. Get a new job.
  7. Complete something in the realm of writing
  8. Go to Schodack Island and/or Peebles Island State Park
  9. Try to do things I like instead of things I feel obligated to do.

And I did most of them:

  • I think I even went to CLN twice just for fun, and swam both times.
  • Ditto for Forked Lake.
  • I hiked Giant and Phelps. I liked both mountains a lot, but wish the Giant hike hadn’t happened during a heat wave.
  • Definitely did not get my bike fixed. Maybe now that we have a car with which to transport said bike . . .
  • I finished THREE quilts: for babies Hal, Bea, and Teddy. (Way to go with the early 20th century names, buddies.)
  • I did not get a new job. BUT I am actively working on it, and decided in June to not do so until about now anyway, so . . . pass?
  • Definitely completed nothing in the realm of writing.
  • I went to BOTH Schodack Island and Peebles Island State Parks. Schodack Island in the fall with Brianna for a lovely walk, Peebles Island last winter with Brianna and Sam, also a lovely walk.
  • That last one is something I was fairly successful with, though it’s hard to articulate. Basically, I am trying to be more mindful of why I make the decisions I make so I can take more joy from their results. It’s not necessarily about making easier choices. In fact, it’s often the opposite–making an effort to fight against the inertia of sitting by a computer all day to go for a walk after work, for example. Anyway, it’s a work in progress. LIKE ME. Hahahaha.

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