An ongoing list of some of my favorite new(ish) writing around the X-Files. Mostly, other people thinking about the evolutionary role the X-Files played in their lives, the evolution of television as an art form, the evolution of the Internet from community to whatever it is today, and the evolution of modern paranoiac-scientific thought.

‘The X-Files’ Returns, Or How a TV Show Can Change Your Life

Revisiting the All-Girl Online ‘X-Files’ Community That Helped Me Survive High School

In the Dark

As ‘The X-Files’ Returns, Do We Still Want to Believe?

Gillian Anderson: I Was Offered Half Duchovny’s Pay for ‘The X-Files’ Revival

Rewatching the X-Files: my 50-episode binge

An ‘X-Files’ fangirl bares her ‘X-Files’ loving soul

The X-Files and the birth of obsessive internet fandom (Though I think this is better on the fandom than criticism, perhaps proving the author’s point.)

‘The X-Files’ in the Age of Truthers

The Nostalgic Science Fiction of “The X-Files”

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