What I Want To Do: 2014

50 things for me to aspire to, complete, learn, and accomplish in 2014, with a focus on the little stuff:

  1. Swim in Forked Lake
  2. Swim in Lake’s Pond
  3. Learn how to make mussels at home
  4. Learn how to make at least one new kind of candy
  5. Watch at least two of the following TV shows: Orphan Black, Masters of Sex, the Americans
  6. Cross country ski at least three times
  7. Go for at least one bike ride in the country
  8. Try three new-to-me restaurants in Albany
  9. Go to Schodack Island State Park
  10. Run at least two 5Ks
  11. Go to Adirondack Extreme
  12. Learn to make bread
  13. Can some sort of jam
  14. Listen at least twice to one new album a month
  15. Print and hang select pictures from our Tanzania trip
  16. Go on a Maine canoe trip
  17. Tell a story at Front Parlor
  18. Complete at least three levels of Rosetta Stone Spanish
  19. Kayak down the Kinderhook Creek
  20. Finish one quilt
  21. Hike at least five high peaks
  22. Take my wife out to a fancy meal
  23. Read at least one Shakespearian play
  24. Back up my gmail account
  25. Sell my wedding shoes and dress
  26. Go to Vietnam (or someplace equally exciting)
  27. Learn to excel at playing at least one new board game
  28. Host a dinner party here for some of our friends
  29. Host a dinner party here for some of our family
  30. Go to the Mahar’s in Castleton
  31. Take my dog to Capital Hills at least twice
  32. Improve my paddling skills
  33. Attend a cultural event at a cool local venue, not including Tangelwood
  34. Attend a show at Tangelwood
  35. Stand on our balance board for at least five minutes without falling
  36. Run a ten-minute mile
  37. Make at least one cake from the cake bible
  38. Downhill ski and/or try out snowboarding
  39. Fix my boots so I can wear them
  40. Take at least one historical building tour in Albany
  41. Open and/or fix my membership with the Albany Public Library system
  42. Pare down my wardrobe, jewelry collection, shoe collection, and so on so that I only own things I actually like and wear
  43. Go rock climbing at least once
  44. By the end of 2014, have at least three houseplants on hand that I can keep alive
  45. Get my hair cut at least twice
  46. Make ice cream at least once
  47. Figure out a better system for organizing my saved blog posts
  48. Keep this thing going
  49. And tell people about it
  50. Fix the zipper on my goddamn sleeping bag like a goddamn grownup

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