X of the Week, Entry Five

Yet another horrifying article about Big Agriculture. The videos don’t even deserve the word horrifying. Even if this sort of thing doesn’t make you feel horribly sad, it must make you feel so disgusted that you never want to put food in your body from this sort of production system again. Right? I guess not, based on the number of people I know who are both aware that these conditions exist and still eat regular mass-produced meat and dairy. I just don’t get it.

Hudson Valley Ballers is amazing. (The video linked from “Valley” is particularly hilarious.)

A roundup of great board games that makes me feel as though I don’t have a game closet at all. (I do.) (There are just a lot of great games out there.)

Speaking of board games, Vulture’s “oral history” of the Cones of Dunshire is pretty great. (Though I think you’d have to be a fan of dorky board games and/or Parks & Rec to appreciate it.) However, not so great is their “oral history” of the episode of Sex and the City where Kristen Johnston falls to her death after declaring NYC dead. Interesting, sure, but sort of horrifying in its blatant admission that the producers used the character as a way to prove what could happen to you (death!) as a single woman if you refuse to settle down. Eesh.

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