X of the Week, Entry Two

X instead of read/watch/listen/play etcetera, because there is a lot of stuff here:

Avery Edison’s series on being a transgender woman is fascinating and enlightening. I’ve struggled with what feels like an over-emphasis on traditional interpretations of gender in the trans literature I’ve read in the past. Reading this series didn’t change that for me, but did give me further insight (and empathy) into being trans, which is a good thing.

Hey Yun’s “Brunch Avec Au Pair” webisode (ugh that word) is challenging and great.

An account of working in a 1960s London mortuary.

A New Republic article about 31-year-old Michael Needham’s ascending control of the Heritage Foundation gives insight into the bizarre strategic choices made by the GOP over the past few years. As a 31 year old myself, I am simultaneously annoyed by the article’s suggestion that Needham’s idiocy has anything to do with his generation (it clearly is driven by his privilege and “the moment”), and surprised that anyone would expect anything else out of a 31 year old being given control of a political/policy organization. 31 year olds: most of us know not enough to avoid being total fools (like Needham), but not enough to competently lead an organization charged with defining the goals of one of the world’s most powerful political movements.

I loved my friend Nicole’s post about integrating gratitude into her family’s daily life. This is exactly the sort of behavior I want to cultivate in myself and my future children; it’s great to hear about a real-life example of it working so well.



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